Société Royale d'Histoire "Le Vieux Châtelet"

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Who are we ?

For over fifty years, the "Vieux Châtelet" participates closely and actively in the cultural life of Châtelet and the region in order to raise awareness of the values of the past.

With a dynamic team comprising members of all ages, of all backgrounds, of all opinions and from whom the complementarity and cohesion is a guarantee of success, the main objective of providing outreach to the achievements of the "Vieux Châtelet" brings seriousness and real historical value.

Each year, the "Vieux Châtelet offers in addition to the tasks of archiving, documentation, archeology :

  • one or two tentoonstellingen;
  • numerous collaborations and participations;
  • publication of folders and booklets;
  • a yearly publication of over 150 pages of text and over 100 illustrations;
  • organization of conferences, tours, audio-visual;
  • etc ...

The "Vieux Châtelet" is recognized by the Department of Cultural Affairs of the Province of Hainaut; and for its publications by the Administration of Cultural Heritage of the French Community.


  • academic sessions on the occasion of his birthday;
  • strike of a medal by the Mint of Paris for the 750th anniversary of the Municipal Liberties Châtelet;
  • creation of its arms;
  • participation in the work of Hannonia;
  • representation in the association of "Franch speaking" circles of history and archaeology in Belgium;
  • representation in Congresses of Comines, Nivelles and Namur.

Les potiers de Bouffioulx et Châtelet

Les potiers de Bouffioulx et Châtelet

Magritte à Châtelet

Magritte à Châtelet